Monday, July 13, 2015

Share The Love at Breyerfest 2015

We are thrilled to announce that Share The Love will be at the Clarion in room 107, with some amazing items for sale!

We will have sets of our Share The Love note cards and postcards depicting drawings by Maureen Love.  There is a rooster, kittens and horses, including a chestnut Quarter Horse, the Belgian Sespe Violette and Lippitt Morman, the Morgan stallion.

Postcard Sets $11    Note Card Sets $20

$150 each, plus shipping
We will also have our Share The Love numbered Limited Edition earthenware figures that each come with a Certificate of Authenticity ~ large Banty Roosters, a few sets of Muscovy ducklings, quail, seagulls and some super exciting new pieces.  The new additions to our line are a very cool twisted tree, and a life-sized Pelican bust! 

The tree is similar to the one from Maureen's Horse and Tree sculpture, but much more intricate.  I haven't seen any originals that she had made from this mold, but here is a picture of her original plaster ball mold for it:

We've used two different glaze decoration styles, a more realistic version and a few using some wonderful art glazes.

 Trees $55 each
The life-size Pelican bust is amazing.
It was the only part of Maureen's sculpture of the entire Pelican I could rescue, and just the mold for the bust is huge.  There was no way I could have carried the mold for the body.  Her original stoneware Pelican sat outside in her front garden.  This is a picture of her original plaster ball mold of the bust with our pink rubber master casting inside:

You can compare the size of the mold to my toes, to get an idea of the scale.  Maureen's ball molds were done by flicking the wet plaster onto the original clay sculpture to create a plaster shell, and was a way to cut down on the amount and weight of plaster she used.  In this photo, to the right is a smaller original mold of hers, and you can see where the description of ball comes from, as opposed to the usual squared-off molds used for production slip casting.  Squared-off molds are much more substantial and sturdier than the ball molds.

And here is our finished Pelican bust ~~~

We've used a satiny matte glaze, so the finish shows off the sculpting detail very well, without the glossy glare that Maureen disliked.  We've kept her detail in the mold as pristine as possible throughout.  The brown bottom section was not meant to be seen but merely used to attach to the body, however it is a great chance to see her original rough tool marks and fingerprints.  This is the California Brown Pelican in partial breeding coloring, with some red and yellow showing through on the bill and neck, and traces of blue on the face.

We've used a rustic steel base to support the sculpture, and it is detachable for shipping.  I loved the look of the distressed steel against the ceramic, and since Maureen often fabricated and used steel in her sculptures it was a fitting choice.

We are taking orders for all of our items, for those who can't get here!  The Pelican busts are $265 each.

We will also have some old and rare Hagen-Renakers for sale, other clinky horses like old German porcelain, and, for FREE, some baby Mystery Plants to take home with you.

Our current dun Cheauka pony orders are being worked on, and we will notify the next people on the list as they are completed.  We won't be taking any money until each one is ready, so if your email has changed since our original message to you, please make sure to let us know so we can get hold of you.  We will have one in our room for display, and there will still be other colors to be issued in the future.  We won't be taking any new orders until the next announcement, and there will be a combination of first-come-first-served and a lottery to be as fair as possible.  Thanks so much for your patience and support!

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