Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Special Announcement of Custom Glaze Marranas at Auction

Share The Love is thrilled to announce a custom glazed earthenware figure of the Arabian stallion Marranas to be auctioned off this week during Breyerfest 2017!  He is at the Clarion Hotel to view in person in room 229, with special thanks to Sheryl Leisure.  

With permission of the Maureen Love Calvert estate, Share The Love produces replicas based on sculptures by Maureen Love, as well as reproductions of her drawings.   We are auctioning a horse in motion figure that is reduced in size and different from any of its earlier issues.

Collectors will have the opportunity to bid on Share The Love's combination of one of Maureen's magnificent Arabian horse sculptures with the award-winning glazing talents of Kristina Lucas Francis.  Photos cannot capture the details Kristina put into him. 

Marranas is 8 1/2 inches tall and his dappled palomino color represents a partbred Arabian, shaded and lightly dappled with an interesting blaze, sock and stocking and partial white coronet.  He has hoof growth rings, pinking on his white heels and in the cannonbones, and hair by hair etching at every white border.  He has a bright and true-colored face, and the artist took extra care to prevent his face gray skin from turning green on his golden coat.  He has two kissy spots on his muzzle, and the muzzle skin itself is shaded with three colors.  Marranas eyes are deeply detailed and even have veined scleras.

We are taking written offers via private email and here in person at Breyerfest on the custom glazed Marranas until this Saturday, July 15th at 8:00 pm Eastern Time, open to everyone.  We are happy to ship him if the winner isn't here to take him home, and shipping is extra.  Opening bid is $600.  Bids can be made by email to or in person in the room.   

For additional detailed photos, comments and bid updates visit our Share The Love Facebook page at
For the history of the Share The Love project visit our blog
For a detailed article on the Marranas sculpture visit Kristina's Muddyhoofprints blog

Thank you for your support and Good Luck! 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

One of Maureen's Favorite Horses ~ Lippitt Morman


In looking through the drawings by Maureen Love the subject of this blog, Lippitt Morman 8211, appears at least 11 times and was apparently a favorite model of hers.  She definitely used the sketches as reference to sculpt the Hagen-Renaker Designer Workshop Morgan stallion Lippit/Lippet/Lippett (HR's spellings), and probably the HR mini Morgan stallion.  HR first produced their Lippet (I'll use this spelling for the HR reference) figure in 1959, so we can date the drawings to before that.

Hagen-Renaker Lippet, Forever Amber and foal Roughneck  Morgan family
The real horse Maureen used as a model was actually a chestnut stallion with a star, a long thin blaze and white right hind sock, named Lippitt Morman 8211, foaled May 30, 1939, bred and owned by Robert Knight of Randolph, VT.  His sire was a famous government farm stallion Mansfield 7255, and his dam was Lippitt Kate Moro 04785.  He does not officially qualify as an official "Lippitt Morgan" now since his sire was not one, having some Arabian blood.
In 1945 he was ridden by his then owner Wilfred A. LeBoeuf of Montreal, Canada and placed second in the heavyweight division carrying over 175 lbs. in the 100-mile Trail Ride of the Green Mountain Horse Association in Vermont, and was also chosen for 2nd place among registered Morgans in the ride.   

The August 1945 issue of The Morgan Horse Magazine where that ride is described and all historic photos of Lippitt Morman in this blog are courtesy of the American Morgan Horse Association.  On August 6, 1945, the Morgan Horse Association of the West group was formed at the home of Merle Little, El Rancho Poco in Monrovia, CA, where Lippitt Morman would live a bit later.

The next year Lippitt Morman came in first place in the 1946 Green Mountain Horse Association's 100-mile trail ride in the heavy division.  He is the only stallion to have won that ride and was declared the best horse of the ride and sweepstakes winner.  Owner and rider was still Mr. LeBoeuf.  He was then purchased by Roland Hill of Horseshoe Cattle Company from Tres Pinos, CA, then sold to Merle Little in Duarte, CA. 

In The Vermont Horse and Bridle Trail Bulletin, Oct. 1946, he is shown on the cover as Lippitt Morman, Sweepstake Winner of the 1946 Trail Ride, also winner of the Heavyweight Division.  He was described as 5 years old, 1050 lbs., owned and ridden by W. A. LeBoeuf of Montreal, Canada.  He was, incidentally, only the fourth Morgan to be registered in Canada. 

Lippitt Morman 8211
Stallion.  2nd in 100-mile Ride, Heavyweight division.  Owner and rider, Wilfred A. Leboeuf, Montreal, P. Q.
Roland G. Hill of the Horseshoe Cattle Company in Tres Pinos, California (and the TS Ranch in Nevada), purchased Morman to become a herd sire along with his all-time favorite, Sonfield, planning to cross Morman and his Sonfield mares. Sadly Mr. Hill did not live many years after this and Morman went to Merle Little’s El Rancho Poco at Duarte, California. 

In a 1949 ad for Merle Little, Monrovia, California, it announces a New Morgan, Lippitt Morman No. 8211 Standing in 1949.  Only stallion of any breed to win the 100-mile Vermont Trail Ride, won 3 awards in 1946, fee $50.  It shows his photo and also has photos of Sundown Morgan, Senor Morgan and Midnight Sun the palomino Morgan.

Lippitt Morman also appears on the cover of The Morgan Horse, March 1953, National Stallion issue.  

"Merle Little holds the headstall of Lippitt Morman in the picture, which is appropriate to this issue and, incidentally pays tribute to a great horseman as well as a great horse.  The other Little horse in the picture is the wonderful mare, Senorita Morgan.  The pair, stabled in Duarte, California have won so many ribbons  in west coast shows  that a groan usually arises from competitors when Little and his Morgans show up for the event."  

There are also many photos of him on the great blog Old Morgans.

In 1957 Lippitt Morman is still at the Merle Little ranch on 1457 S. Mountain in Monrovia, California.  It is very likely that Maureen visited him there to sketch, as the Hagen-Renaker Pottery was also located in Monrovia at that time.

Lippitt Morman sired 47 foals and is regarded as an important influence on the Morgan horse breed.  He was never defeated in the Vermont or California show ring.

In Maureen's sketchbook #4 there is no cover with identifying names, but picture ML0080a looks very much like Lippitt Morman, and ML0080b looks like a Morgan but perhaps not Lippitt Morman.  This is among several other Morgan sketches of HR Heather, Scamper and Roughneck, but I have no cover notations by Maureen for any of them as to the original real horse names.  I'm not sure if they were all at the same ranch as Lippitt Morman, however the sketches are near each other in the sketchbook.  

On the cover of sketchbook #42 Maureen wrote "Morgan St. Lippit" and sketches ML0859b, ML0860a and ML0860b are certainly him and used for the HR Lippet sculpt.
ML0859b, used for HR Lippet sculpt
ML0860a, used for HR Lippet sculpt

On the cover of sketchbook #7 is a notation of "Morgans (horse show)" and sketches MLO146b, MLO147a, MLO147b, MLO148a and MLO148b look to be Lippitt Morman.  
Sketches MLO149a and MLO149b may be him.








In the unbound loose drawings of Maureen's there are several more finished drawings that are obviously Lippitt Morman:
ML01028a, signed by Maureen

ML01064a, signed by Maureen

The Hagen-Renaker DW 6" tall sculpture of Lippet was released in 1959-1974 and also 1983-1986 in chestnut and palomino.  Maureen sculpted a different version of Lippitt Morman in a walking pose, probably in the late 1950s, but sadly it was never produced by Hagen-Renaker.  Maureen made at least one pottery copy of him in a wonderful gunmetal black glaze finish, photo courtesy of the Hagen-Renaker On-Line Museum and the Maureen Love Calvert estate.
Maureen Love Original alternate version of Lippitt Morman.
Due to popular demand the walking Lippitt was molded, re-detailed and produced in earthenware by Maureen and Laurilyn Burson in their joint "Made With Love" business under the "Molds From Maureen's Garage" series, which used old molds Laurilyn found stored in Maureen's garage.  The gunmetal glaze hid some detail but was used to cast a new wax model, which Maureen re-detailed to be used to make the new production mold.  They were made in 2005 in a very small limited edition run of approximately 30-35, each decorated in a unique color with a few sold in undecorated white bisque.

The bodies were cast by Laurilyn and decorated and glazed by Joan Berkwitz, owner of Pour Horse Pottery.   More pieces can be seen here.

One example of this glorious horse:

In August of 2015, a gorgeous pastel portrait of a chestnut horse by Maureen Love came to light, and speculation as to the identity of the horse centered around an Arabian stallion.  This was actually a portrait of Lippitt Morman, and the historic photo below shows his distinctive face markings very well.  

In the following images of Lippitt Morman and the Made With Love walking Lippitt head a comparison can be made to the pastel portrait and preliminary sketch, and the wavy mane is an additional confirmation of this Morgan characteristic seen in her other Lippitt sketches.


Preliminary sketch of Lippitt Morman from the 
Maureen Love Calvert estate.
Lippitt Morman did have some Arabian blood, through his government farm sire.  This probably accounts for his slightly more refined ears and muzzle shape, and it is easy to understand the Arab attribution in trying to identify this portrait.

The sketchbook drawings by Maureen are with the permission of the Maureen Love Calvert estate.

The photo of the pastel portrait of Lippitt Morman was generously supplied by Elizabeth Bouras and can be seen at her website here.   Thanks to Elizabeth we have added another wonderful drawing by Maureen Love to Maureen's total inventory, and have now been able to add it to the list of drawings by Maureen of the great Morgan stallion, Lippitt Morman!